Gennady Zyuganov Russia
Breakthrough that smashed the shackles of autocracy

Breakthrough that smashed the shackles of autocracy

Gennady Zyuganov Russia //8:52pm, Nov 7th '20

The author is the Chairman of Communist Party of Russian Federation.

These days the world remembers the passionate thrust of the Russian working masses towards socialism – 103th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. It was a breakthrough that smashed the shackles of autocracy and capitalist oppression. It created a state that embodied the deeply cherished dreams of humanity. Working people became the masters of their land. They turned from a downtrodden labour force into the makers of the new world. The Soviet country has proved by its example that if development is based on the values of justice, equality and fraternity, the results would be admired by the whole planet.

The Bolsheviks made a thorough study of the English Revolution. They honoured the Great French Revolution and considered themselves to be the heirs to the Paris Commune. Lenin and his followers had a profound grasp of the ideas of Marx and Engels and had assimilated the achievements of the humanity’s foremost thinkers. Our predecessors confidently carried on the traditions of the liberation struggle laid down by Radishchev and Chernyshevsky, Herzen and Plekhanov. Proceeding from these traditions the great Lenin developed a victorious theory of socialist revolution and the building of the Soviet State.

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